The Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) survey is a tool used by institutions to gather faculty perceptions on their workplace experience. Beginning by highlighting the areas where we are doing well and where you feel the institution could improve, this survey helps guide efforts to increase faculty satisfaction and advance faculty-centric initiatives across the university.

UCF conducted its initial COACHE survey during Spring 2015, requesting responses from more than 1,200 full-time faculty members – instructors, lecturers, tenured and tenure-track – in every college. We will continue to reassess every three years with a new survey and compare results to ensure continual progress. Our second survey was conducted February 2018 through April 2018.

Upon receiving the results of our first survey during Fall 2018, Faculty Excellence has created a priority-setting committee that will evaluate the findings and a strategy committee that will be assembled in September 2019, who with faculty and department and administrative leadership to determine which areas will be addressed first and next steps.


From your feedback through COACHE, five priority areas for improvement were identified. They include:

  • Recognition and appreciation
  • Promotion policies
  • Departmental leadership, quality and collegiality
  • Nature of work including research, service and teaching loads
  • Personal and family policies

View the complete findings from the COACHE survey results in the Provost’s Report.

The committee identified two strategies per area and below is the progress that has been made:

Strategies and Progress

Recognition and Appreciation

Here the focus was on publicly recognizing excellence in meaningful ways and providing financial support to facilitate recognition of excellence:

  • Resurrected the Scroll & Quill Society to recognize faculty that have been here 10+ years and have brought national or international recognition to UCF
  • In partnership with Research, introduced the Luminary Awards (replacing the UCF Millionaire’s Club), designed to highlight exceptional faculty who shine a light that leads the university toward further greatness
  • Expanded the Faculty Author Celebration
  • Brought the topic of recognizing faculty in new and creative ways to the Chairs and Directors Excellence Group; this is inclusive of, but not limited to, visiting their faculty when they win awards to congratulate them, outwardly recognizing them on the school/department social media channels, and calling them out positively in a team meeting

Promotion Policies

Strategies outlined included requiring at least one Cumulative Progress Evaluation (CPE) for associate professors before they apply for promotion and strengthening clarity and consistency of promotion and tenure standards.

  • Put forth Faculty Senate Resolution 2016-2017-18 so that associate professors would be required to go through one CPE prior to going up for promotion; this will need to be collectively bargained in 2018-19
  • Formed the Associate Professor Mentoring Community in order to bring together mid-career faculty and provide a structured space in which they can discuss promotion, openly talk about challenges they are facing, and receive mentorship and support
  • Implemented a “Straight Talk” seminar series on a range of P&T topics, including “Am I ready for promotion?”, “I just hit ‘submit’ – now what?” and “Building my promotion dossier”
  • Held two CV review sessions in January for faculty to spend 15 minutes with a senior faculty member getting feedback on their CV
  • Focused programming on promotion with the chairs and directors, including the opportunity to discuss challenges and/or ask questions as it pertains to promotion so they can better inform and lead their faculty through the process
  • Posted all approved P&T criteria on the Faculty Excellence website
  • Posted all approved Annual Evaluation Standards and Procedures (AESP) on the Faculty Excellence website

Departmental Leadership, Quality and Coallegiality

The two areas of focus here were specifically targeting a leadership development program and creating college/departmental/unit by-laws.

  • Created the Chairs and Directors Excellence Program to equip, hone, and strengthen the leadership skills that are required of chairs and directors; they meet on a monthly basis and are given programming and activities that specifically target challenges and situations they encounter
  • Developed the Chairs and Directors Leadership Circle to give chairs and directors an alternative perspective and provide new and creative ways to explore their roles and leadership styles
  • Formed the Academic Leadership Academy to provide faculty with a more detailed understanding of UCF operations to help them further their career; the Academy is hosted every other year, and we will be accepting applications for the 2020-21 class this spring
  • Started the Leadership Seminar Series to ensure faculty receive timely and important information; seminars are hosted on a variety of topics throughout the academic year
  • Resolution presented to Faculty Senate recommending the development of college/departmental/unit by-laws
  • Created resources for revising AESP and P&T criteria to reflect what has been outlined as priorities in the UCF strategic plan

Nature of Work

FTE assignment of duties and course release awards were the two areas of concentration under this priority.

  • A university-wide initiative to re-evaluate FTE assignment allocations in terms of teaching, research, and service continues to be a priority and one we look forward to tackling in the upcoming year
  • Faculty COACHE Innovation Awards were identified as a tool for providing time for faculty to engage in their work – whether it be research, teaching, or service, or a combination of those

Personal and Family Policies

The two strategies outlined for this priority focused on leave and tuition waiver for dependents.

  • Brought paid parental leave to Faculty Senate where it where it was supported. It was then bargained and approved; this leave option helps provide a supportive environment for all faculty to balance work and family commitments
  • Faculty are now able to transfer their tuition waiver to qualifying spouses and/or dependent children
  • Expectant Mother Parking is provided through Human Resources; expectant mothers can apply for parking and, when approved, will be able to choose the lot closest to their classroom/office during their third trimester
  • Faculty Senate Resolution 2017-2018-1 addresses the availability of lactation rooms for UCF women; through this resolution, every new building at UCF must have a lactation room included
  • Hosted a number of on-campus family friendly events to foster bonding between faculty and their family; events include Astronomy Night, Faculty Family Movie Night, and Sunday-Funday events at the Arboretum
  • While not a direct result of COACHE, the Creative School started accepting infants and can care for faculty’s children from six weeks through five years of age

Timeline and Next Steps



For additional questions about the COACHE survey reach out to Faculty Excellence at or 407-823-1113.