Fall 2018 Findings

Faculty Excellence advocates for your needs to make you successful at the University of Central Florida. The team led by Dr. Jana Jasinski, Vice Provost for Faculty Excellence, supports you throughout your career here. One of the ways the team works for you is by using the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) survey. It’s a tool used by institutions to gather faculty perceptions on workplace experience. The university conducted the initial survey in Spring 2015, with planned reassessment occurring every three years.

Thank you to those who participated in the reassessment; the Fall 2018 results are in. Our areas of strength are:

  • faculty leadership
  • senior leadership
  • clarity of tenure expectations and tenure policies

The areas for improvement are:

  • departmental collegiality
  • nature of work; in the area of teaching

The comparison results are also available here.

Faculty Excellence launched a 2018 COACHE priority-setting committee to identify four to six areas in which we will focus our efforts over the next three years.

The strategy committees met in late Spring 2019 to determine our next steps to address these areas. We will keep you informed as our action plan progresses.

Timeline and Next Steps


2015 COACHE Results, Strategies and Progress

2015 COACHE data


For additional questions about the COACHE survey reach out to Faculty Excellence at or 407-823-1113.