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A Note from the Vice Provost

Identifying ways to support faculty is a key part of the Faculty Excellence mission and hearing from you is vital to the success of that mission. For the past five years we have used results from the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) survey,  a tool used by institutions to gather faculty perceptions on work-place experience, to help inform the programs and practices we develop to support you.

The survey will be administered again this Spring, and I hope you will participate.

Following the survey completion, Faculty Excellence will launch a priority-setting committee to identify areas where we need to focus, and a strategy committee to determine how we can take steps to address these areas. We will keep you informed as our action plan progresses, but first we have to start by gathering your perception about working here at UCF.

Look for more communication to come directly to your inbox and check this page for updates.

Charge On!

Jana Sig Block Vice Provost

Our Progress

Since the initial survey was administered in 2015, the university has taken steps to address areas of concern to enhance faculty life at UCF. This comprehensive report outlines what has been done as of Spring 2021.

COACHE Process Timeline

Coache Timeline 2020 Crop

Frequent Asked Questions

Is the survey anonymous?

Yes. In a process approved by Harvard’s and UCF’s institutional review board, COACHE will provide our campus with their summary analysis, as well as the confidential unit-record database, stripped of names and e-mail addresses. The data provided to UCF will be received and kept on a secure server by Dr. Paige Borden, Associate Provost and Chief Analytics Officer, Division of Analytics and Integrated Planning. No other administrator, staff or faculty member outside the Division of Analytics and Integrated Planning will have access to the unit-record data. The AIP staff will explore and analyze broad patterns in the data to assist with planning and developing improved academic policies and practices across campus. To protect the confidentiality and guarantee that the results of this survey cannot influence personnel decisions about individual faculty members, staff will disseminate survey results only with data aggregated in cells of five respondents or more, so that individual faculty and individual departments cannot be identified. Learn more

How long will the survey take to complete?

The survey will take 25 minutes to complete.

Who takes the survey?

The survey is sent by COACHE to all full-time instructional faculty at UCF.

Documents From Previous Surveys

2021 Communications