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As a member of the UCF faculty, there are several benefits available through leave and sabbaticals. The university offers:

Award Open Date Close Date
Faculty and A&P Sick Leave Pool TBD TBD
Paid Parental Leave TBD TBD
Professional Development Leave for Non-unit Faculty and A&P (PDL) 10/02/23 10/25/23
Professional Development Program for In-unit Employees (PDP) 10/02/23 10/25/23
Administrative Professional Development Leaves (A-PDL) TBD TBD
Sabbaticals 10/02/23 01/12/24
Leaves and General Attendance Information TBD TBD

Each type of leave has different qualifications for eligibility. Contact Human Resources for information on the sick leave pool, the Family Medical Leave Act, medical, military, personal leave or domestic violence.