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The title emeritus may be provided to retired faculty, or in anticipation of the retirement of a faculty member, effective upon full retirement from the university who have achieved a distinguished record of research, teaching and/or service during their academic careers. The title serves as an honor to the individual and to the university. Applications are due in December 4, 2023. Please see your college or division for earlier deadlines.


Faculty who wish to be considered for this title must: 

  • Apply within one year before retiring from UCF, or up to five years after retiring from UCF where retiring means the following:
    • have met the retirement eligibility criteria for the retirement plan in which they are currently participating (Florida Retirement System Pension Plan, Florida Retirement System Investment Plan, or the State University System Optional Retirement Program)
  • Permanent employee at UCF for a minimum of five years immediately prior to retirement; and,
  • Have an established record of distinguished performance in teaching, research, scholarship, or other professional achievement including contributions and service to UCF and the UCF community.


Nominations are made to the head of the unit with which the candidate is affiliated. The candidate, or nominator will provide to the unit head an application that contains the specific title sought by the applicant. 

Applications must be presented as one PDF (not portfolio) in the following order: 

  1. Application Cover Page
  2. Letter of support from Dean, Chair, or Director
  3. Additional letters of support (not required)
  4. One-page summary of accomplishments
  5. Current Curriculum Vitae
  6. Additional evidence to support the distinguished professional contributions and university activities while at UCF.
  7. Deans offices, send completed applications to Faculty Excellence.