Inclusive Excellence

Inclusive Excellence

Inclusive Excellence in our Tenure Track/Tenured Faculty

One of UCF’s goals is to be more inclusive and diverse. Currently there is a gap between the diversity of scholars with doctoral degrees and the diversity of our tenure‐track/tenured faculty. UCF will be better positioned to capitalize on the varied academic benefits of a diverse tenure‐track/tenured faculty by making additional resources available for strategic targeted hiring opportunities.

It is important to note that this initiative is focused on Inclusive Excellence, therefore these hires must strengthen UCF’s faculty by being strong scholars.  Faculty under consideration for the inclusive excellence program must also be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

Example: A UCF faculty member is impressed with a scholar at a conference. Upon returning to UCF, the faculty member informs their Chair and the Chair verifies with Faculty Excellence that their department is eligible for this initiative. Once the Chair receives confirmation of eligibility, the faculty member can then initiate the process to invite the scholar to UCF to give a talk. The faculty and student interactions with this guest speaker/scholar while they are on campus are outstanding. The chair/director discusses with the guest scholar the potential of joining UCF’s faculty (a search is not necessary because the department did not have a planned search in this area of focus). The chair/director discusses the potential hire of the tenure track/tenured guest scholar with their dean/VPR. If the dean/VPR supports the hire of this guest scholar, then the college initiates the application.

Note: This is just one example of how a candidate may come to be considered for the inclusive excellence program. At minimum, the following are expected prior to submission of an inclusive excellence application:

  • Please contact Faculty Excellence prior to inviting anyone to campus in order to confirm department eligibility.
  • The chair/school director has made contact with the candidate, has discussed the potential of joining UCF, and the candidate has reacted positively to that consideration
  • The faculty in the department have been notified of the possibility, have had the chance to review the candidate’s CV, and have reacted positively to that consideration
  • The chair/director has discussed the potential hire with their dean/VPR, who support the hire
  • The candidate is not in another active UCF search(please note that the only exception to this rule is the situation where a department interviews multiple underrepresented candidates, hires one underrepresented candidate, and the second candidate in the same search pool is also underrepresented; in that situation, the second underrepresented candidate may be considered in the Inclusive Excellence program)

Once the Inclusive Excellence form is completed in its entirety, the completed form and required materials are submitted to Faculty Excellence.

Applications for Inclusive Excellence hires are evaluated on a rolling basis by the Vice Provost for Faculty Excellence, at least one Pegasus Professor, and the Office of Institutional Equity.

Inclusive Excellence Allocation and Funding

In the 2019-20 academic year hiring cycle, there are Inclusive Excellence faculty lines allocated from Academic Affairs. These positions are expected to begin employment in fall 2020.

Academic Affairs will pay 100% of the faculty salary (up to $100,000) and benefits for the first three years and then 50% of the recurring salary (up to $50,000) and benefits in years four and beyond. Requests for a portion of any start‐up funding will be considered, but are not guaranteed.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 and beyond
Academic Affairs 100% (up to $100,000) 100% (up to $100,000) 100% (up to $100,000) 50% (up to $50,000)
Department 0% 0% 0% 50% (or balance of FTE, whichever is more)