Welcome to your COACHE Chief Academic Officer Report

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By partnering with the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education, you have signaled a commitment to improve the faculty experience. Asking your faculty to participate in the Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey has already communicated your concern and support. With this COACHE report, you can engage them in advancing equity in faculty recruitment, retention, development and success.

Given hundreds of survey items disaggregated by race, gender, discipline, tenure status and rank for your institution, your comparison institutions, and all other partners in COACHE, our challenge is to synthesize, organize, and prioritize millions of data points without deciding for you which results are most important.

We are prescriptive only on this point: you are expected to use this report to engage faculty leadership, the senior cabinet, trustees or regents, institutional researchers, and other campus constituents. We designed your report to be distributed in parts or in its entirety.

This COACHE portfolio contains:


A glimpse of your CAO Report - a beginning, not the end - designed to be printed and shared. Worksheets included in this preview help readers get a process of collaborative inquiry underway.

Comparison Institutions

The five institutions you selected as "peers" and all institutions include in this report's definition of your broader "cohort".

Response Rates

Rates of response for your institution, your selected comparison institutions, and your faculty labor market.

Analyses and Visualizations

Our summary analysis with dashboards, item-level analysis, and faculty's qualitative opinions, altogether comprising the most important pages of your report. You will spend most of your attention here.

Means and Frequencies

Maximum detail, including peer-by-peer results, percentages, counts, means and standard deviations for most items. Tables may be exported to CSV / Excel.

Custom Questions

Quantitative and qualitative results for any custom questions that your institution appended to the COACHE survey instrument.

Guides and Articles

Supplementary material to assist you in understanding this report, engaging your campus community, and making the most of your investment in this research. If you are left wondering what you should do next, click here.

In addition to these, we have created a playlist of video tutorials to guide you through the report. These videos are embedded within the report, and are also available on our website.

Remember: partnership in the Collaborative does not conclude with delivery of this report. Our collective mission to make the academy a more equitable and attractive place to work is fulfilled only when supported by institutional action.

To that end, let COACHE be your resource for furthering the satisfaction and success of all faculty. Visit our website for events, new resources, and the latest COACHE scholarship. Contact us with questions or ideas that have emerged during your exploration of the data. Take advantage of COACHE-sponsored opportunities to discover the most promising practices of your peers and share your strategies for using COACHE data to improve faculty diversity, equity, inclusion, and success.