Faculty Evaluations

Promotion Pathways

The university provides promotional pathways for tenured, tenure-earning, and non-tenured earning employees. Normally, candidates for promotion and/or tenure are eligible beginning in their 6th year of continuous service, perhaps earlier if credit was granted at initial appointment. Candidates must demonstrate meritorious performance in teaching, research, and service as assigned.

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Chairs & Directors Appointment and Evaluation

Each college has established policies for the appointment, evaluation, and re-appointment for chairs and school directors. To view college policies, click here.

Dean’s Review

During the fifth year of appointment, or re-appointment as dean, a review shall be conducted. The Provost will be responsible for initiating the review and for acting upon its recommendations. The Provost will designate the Office of Faculty Excellence to lead this process. This review shall serve as both formative and summative assessment of the Dean’s performance and will be advisory in nature to the Provost.

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Scheduled for 2017 Review

Dean’s Review


Dean Michael Johnson, College of Sciences
(Curriculum Vitae) / (Accomplishments)
(Organizational Chart) / (COS Vision, Mission & Goals)
(Review Committee) / (COS Dean’s Report)

Dean’s Review


Dean Paul Jarley, College of Business Administration
(Curriculum Vitae) / (Accomplishments)
(Organizational Chart) / (COBA Vision, Mission & Goals)
(Review Committee) / (COBA Dean’s Report)