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The dean under review provides the following items that will be hosted and publicly accessible on the Faculty Excellence website. Please note that the dean under review does not provide a presentation or other public forum.

  • Current CV
  • College organizational chart
  • College vision, mission, and goals, including alignment of the college goals with UCF’s strategic plan
  • One page impact statement to include accomplishments of the dean and college as well as accomplishments towards metrics outlined in UCF’s strategic plan
  • PowerPoint presentation highlighting accomplishments

The dean under review will also provide the following items (that will not be publicly available):

  • Names and contact information for dean’s external advisory board
  • Statement addressing what has been supportive in getting the job done and what has impeded their ability to do so
  • Current top issues
  • Future plans/goals that are not encompassed in the college goals with particular attention to UCF’s strategic plan and metrics