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Administrative PDLs are reserved for faculty who have served in an administrative position in the position for a period not less than five years, and who are returning to a full-time regular faculty position. For each five years the faculty member served in the administrative position, one academic semester PDL may be granted up to a total of two academic semesters. Faculty administrators must use the PDL to update research and teaching skills in preparation for the move to a full-time regular faculty position. To apply for an Administrative PDL, the faculty administrator must complete the Request for Administrative Professional Development Leave. The dean and the provost or provost’s representative must approve the PDL prior to the start of the leave term.

Employees must do two things after they return from an A-PDL. First, they must submit a brief written report to their dean or director that outlines their accomplishments during the A-PDL. This information is expected to be used for the employee’s annual evaluation. In addition, employees who are awarded an A-PDL must return to the university for one academic year following the conclusion of their leave. Failure to return to the university will result in the employee repaying the salary, retirement, benefits, equipment, and expenses paid for or to benefit that employee during the PDL.

Information about the Administrative Professional Development leave program is located in Regulation UCF-3.014

Administrative PDL Information


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