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Award Info

Applications Open
October 29, 2021
Applications Close
January 4, 2022
Notification Date
February 1, 2022
Award Contact
  1. Program Overview

    UCF sponsors one Excellence in Librarianship award to recognize the outstanding contributions and support given to UCF’s faculty and students by its library faculty members. One award for Excellence in Instructional Design Service is available.

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  2. Funding

    The recipient of the Excellence in Librarianship award shall receive a one-time payment of $2,000. Award amounts are treated as income and are subject to normal withholding tax.

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  3. Eligibility

    Each candidate:

    • Must be a full-time employee in the appropriate discipline with at least three years of continuous non-visiting, non-OPS service at UCF immediately prior to the current year.
    • Must have served at UCF as a librarian on a permanent line for the current year and at least the three years immediately preceding the current year.
    • Must not have received an Excellence in Librarianship award in the past three academic years.
    • All in-unit employees who currently advise and who have advised undergraduate students over the preceding three academic years are eligible.
    • In-unit employees who have received an Excellence in Faculty Academic Advising award in the past three academic years are not eligible to apply for this award.
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  4. Criteria

    The criteria for evaluating applicants’ files shall include two major categories:

    1. Evidence of extra effort to improve library services and collections;
    2. Evidence of a sustained period of excellence in the library profession.
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  5. Application Materials

    Applications must be submitted as a single PDF file (no portfolios please) to

    The following materials are required:

    • Statement of philosophy of librarianship
    • Curriculum vitae


    Evidence may be demonstrated by, but not limited to:

    • Evidence of innovative contributions to UCF or the library field
    • Evidence of extra effort to improve library services, collections, etc.
    • Evidence of a sustained period of excellence in the library profession
    • Letters in support of the applicant
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  6. Evaluation and Award Process

    The Faculty Affairs Committee will determine the recipient.

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