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UCF is proud to offer paid parental leave and modified instructional duties (MID) as a family-friendly benefit for in-unit faculty. These leave options help provide a supportive environment for all faculty to balance work and family commitments. In-unit faculty members can choose between paid parental leave or modified instructional duties (MID), if that helps them better adapt to parenthood while maintaining their scholarship.

In-unit faculty may participate in either program for up to two birth or adoption events while at UCF.

The university also offers expectant mother parking, and lactation rooms on campus.

Paid Parental Leave

Paid parental leave requests must be completed no less than three months prior to the beginning of the anticipated leave and the leave must occur no later than a semester immediately following the birth or adoption event. A shorter notice period may be permitted on a case-by-case basis, for good cause and/or special circumstances at the discretion of the university’s representative. Completed forms should be forwarded to Human Resources – Leave Administration ( as soon as possible.

More information about this program is located at

Modified Instructional Duties (MID)

In-unit faculty who elect MID are ineligible for Paid Parental Leave. Following the birth or adoption of a child, in-unit faculty are eligible for a modified work plan.

To request for MID, please complete and submit the MID form to your unit head at least 3 months prior to your expected leave date.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between paid parental leave and modified instructional duties?

When on full leave of absence, a faculty member shall not participate in any UCF teaching, research or service. The faculty member is expected to be devoting themselves full time to their new parenthood.

Modified instructional duties (MID) is an agreement between the faculty member and their supervisor providing the faculty member with a more flexible semester schedule than normal. MID may include no classroom teaching or only online teaching for the semester, and/or in lieu of teaching, undertaking a project for the department, such as updating the departmental policies and procedures document. The faculty member and supervisor should collaboratively complete the MID form which is officially approved by the appropriate area dean or vice president.

 Why is this benefit for in-unit faculty only?

Paid parental leave was bargained and approved through the UCF BOT-UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement. UFF only bargains for in-unit faculty. Most faculty are in-unit. Out-of-unit faculty are limited in number and are individuals in leadership positions (Chairs, Directors, etc.). At the present time, there is no paid parental leave for out-of-unit faculty.

Is this benefit applicable for part-time faculty? Staff? Students?

You must be an in-unit faculty member on a minimum of 0.75 FTE line to be eligible for paid parental leave. At the present time, there is no paid parental leave for staff or undergraduate students. There is, however, paid parental leave for eligible graduate students through the Office of Graduate Studies.

Is there a difference in the leave policy for 9- versus 12-month employees?

Faculty on 9-month contracts may receive a semester of paid parental leave. The 9-month faculty member may choose which semester for their leave (spring or fall). Employees on 12-month contracts may choose spring, fall or summer. Non-instructional faculty employees could receive up to 16 weeks contiguous at full pay and should coordinate dates with their supervisor.

What if I am employed on a “soft money” contract at UCF?

If you are in a “soft money” position, such as research faculty, you are only eligible for this benefit to the extent that it is permitted by the terms of your grant or contract, the ability to meet a grantor’s deliverables, the rules of the funding agency and adequate funds are available.

Are fringe benefits also covered when on paid parental leave?

Yes, your college pays both your salary and fringe benefits while on paid parental leave.

If both parents are employed as full-time, in-unit faculty members at UCF, can both take advantage of this policy for a single birth/adoption event?

No, only one parent may use paid parental leave under this program for each qualifying event.

How long must I be employed at UCF prior to receiving paid parental leave?

There is no waiting period, but you must have previously executed a signed employment contract and submit a request three months prior to the beginning of the leave.

What are rules for the timing of leave/modified duties if birth/adoption event occurs at the start of a semester, mid-semester or end-of-semester? Or during summer when not on contract?

You may choose the academic semester that works best for you for paid parental leave, either the semester in which the birth or adoption event takes place or the semester immediately after. We encourage you to work closely with your supervisor to create the best plan. Unless you are on a 12-month contract, you cannot receive paid parental leave during the summer semester. The leave must occur no later than one semester immediately following the birth or adoption event.  MID must occur during the semester when the child is expected to arrive.

Can I take accrued sick leave before my paid parental leave semester?

Yes, please work with your supervisor and Human Resources to ensure the best planning for your birth/adoption. Faculty members are permitted to take two weeks in advance of the due date as sick leave.

Many universities require you to pay back this salary at a later date. Is that true for UCF?

Yes, as with many publicly funded Florida universities, the total number of hours used will be deducted from your sick/annual leave balance remaining at the time of separation from UCF or upon transferring between an annual leave and non-annual leave accruing contract.

What if I decide not to return to UCF while on paid parental leave?

If you decide not to return to UCF for a minimum of one continuous academic year after paid parental leave, you must reimburse UCF within 60 days for all salary and fringe benefits paid during the leave.

Am I allowed to work at another job/earn money from entities outside of UCF while participating in the UCF paid parental leave program?

During paid parental leave, your activities remain regulated by the UCF’s Conflict of Interest/Commitments/Outside Activity/Employment Regulation 3.018. Faculty members must submit a Potential Conflict of Interest and Commitment Form (AA-21) at any time a new activity begins or ends, including during paid parental leave.

How many times in my UCF career can I use this benefit?

Each faculty member can receive two semesters of paid parental leave during their career at UCF.

How do multiple births (twins, triplets, etc.) or simultaneous multiple adoptions count in this program?

Each multiple birth or multiple adoption counts as a single birth/adoption event.

How does this program influence “time toward tenure?”

When a UCF tenure-earning faculty member goes on paid or unpaid leave for over 160 hours, their tenure clock is automatically stopped by UCF for one year. If the faculty member does not desire to have this additional year to add to their scholarship, they may opt out in writing at the time such leave begins. If a tenure-earning faculty member takes two periods of leave, over 160 hours each period, they will receive two additional years of time to add to their scholarship.

Can I go on sabbatical and paid parental leave at the same time, sequential semesters?

You may not have a sabbatical and paid parental leave run simultaneously. You can have sabbatical occur immediately prior to or after paid parental leave.

If I have additional questions, whom should I contact?

MID –> Faculty Excellence –, 407-823-1113
Paid Parental Leave -> Leave of Absence and Worker’s Comp (Human Resources) –, 407-823-2771