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Applications Open
October 16, 2023
Applications Close
March 31, 2024
Notification Date
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  1. Program Overview

    This award supports the objective in our strategic plan to “Double the number of national and international recognition of faculty and student excellence by 2021, and quadruple recognition by 2035”. The award supports travel for faculty who are being recognized for a distinguished achievement or having a significant honor bestowed upon them in addition to supporting travel for faculty presenting their research or creative work.

    The University Travel Awards for Recognition of Faculty Excellence is managed by the University Travel Awards Committee, a joint committee of the Faculty Senate. For details regarding the committee, see

    The goal of TARFE is to support activities that allow faculty to achieve international prominence in graduate study and research while increasing the national and international recognition of UCF. Being selected to receive this award and being recognized for excellence in your field brings credit to the department while positioning UCF in national and international scholarly arenas therefore increasing UCF’s reach and visibility. Full-time regular faculty (not visiting) may apply for TARFE to reimburse travel and accommodation expenses purchased with Education & General (E&G) funds. Awards given will reimburse E&G support up to the levels noted below.

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  2. Award Levels

    Award will reimburse E&G support provided from the department or college up to the levels below. Award levels are determined by the Faculty Senate University Travel Awards committee based on the application information submitted.

    Black – $1,000

    Gold – $500

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  3. Eligibility and Criteria

    Please review the eligibility requirements prior to applying.

    • Must be full-time regular faculty member
    • One application per faculty member per award year (April 1 – March 31)

    Travel MUST be for the purpose of:

    • Presenting the faculty’s research or creative work; or
    • Being recognized for a distinguished professional achievement in research, teaching or service
    • Funding support is required from the department or college. This must come from Educational & General (E&G) money. E&G money is state appropriated funding and does not include any contract and grant funding.
    • In the event of “Team” recognition only one faculty member may receive this award. This decision is left to the Department Chair/Director or Division/Unit Head.
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  4. Application

    • Upon completion of travel, all application contents are emailed to
    • The application form must be signed by the applicant AND Director/Chair/Head of Division/Department/College
    • One of the following forms of documentation must accompany the application based on the purpose of travel:
      • A copy of the conference program indicating the schedule and title of the applicant’s oral presentation;
      • Pages from the abstract book for the applicant’s poster presentation; or,
      • A letter of invitation from the awarding body or organization referencing the recognition being received (plaque, honorary title, expert panelist at an interview etc.)
    • Documentation of travel-related expenses paid with E&G funds (please consult with your college Finance Business Center for reports listed below):
      • A copy of the expense report from Workday.
      • A copy of the UCF Operating Budget vs. Actual Report (by viewing Actuals column by employee as worktag).
    • For travel awards to receive a recognition or honor, additionally include verification of the honor being bestowed (documentation such as a picture and/or recording)

    Award Cycles and Deadlines

    There are two cycles for application for TARFE:

      • May Cycle
        • Faculty may apply for the award as part of the May cycle if they traveled between October 16 and March 31 of the current academic year
        • Applications and supporting documentation must be emailed in by April 30
        • Committee votes in May
        • Awards distributed soon after the committee vote
      • November Cycle
        • Faculty may apply for the award as part of the November cycle if they traveled between April 1 and October 15 of the current academic year
        • Applications and supporting documentation must be emailed in by November 15
        • Committee votes in December
        • Awards distributed soon after the committee vote
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  5. Notification of Awards

    Notifications will be sent via email to faculty and supporting signatory on the application. TARFE will be provided by Journal ID to E&G account that supported the travel and will not exceed travel expenses.

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