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  1. Program Overview

    SoTLs recognize discovery, reflection, and using evidence-based methods to research effective teaching and student learning. While the implementation of SoTL outcomes may result in teaching excellence and increased teaching effectiveness, this award recognizes scholarly efforts beyond teaching excellence.

    Regardless of the contract length (9 months through 12 months), award recipients shall receive a one-time award of $5,000 as soon as practicable and a $5,000 increase to their salary effective at the beginning of the succeeding academic year. Employees on non-E & G funding will be eligible for the increase depending on availability of funds.

    For 2019-2020, there are up to 5 new in-unit awards available. Academic Affairs provides the funding for these awards.

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  2. Eligibility Criteria

    Employee must have at least four years of continuous, non-OPS service at UCF immediately prior to the current year. Specifically, the employee must have been employed at UCF on or prior to August 8, 2015.

    No in-unit employee may receive the award more than once every five years. Employees who received a SoTL award during the 2014-15 academic year or earlier are eligible for consideration.

    Employees currently on visiting and other temporary appointments and employees on less than full-time appointments are not eligible for this award.

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  3. Award Criteria

    The criteria for evaluating applicants’ portfolios include the following four major categories (to be applied as is appropriate for a specific discipline):

    1. Value or impact of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning efforts both within the discipline and to the teaching and learning community (e.g., serving as an editor or a peer reviewer for a SoTL journal, presenting SoTL research results at professional conferences and other forums within and outside UCF).
    2. Peer recognition of research and creative efforts in the same or related disciplines.
    3. Publication of research and creative efforts in the same or related disciplines.
    4. External grant and contract support for SoTL activities appropriate to the applicant’s discipline.
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  4. Application and Supporting Documentation

    Applications are submitted through the UCF Awards System may provide the following supporting documentation:

    • Statement of SoTL (Text Box – 250 words or fewer)

    Please describe your primary area of SOTL research and its importance to the


    • Summary of SoTL Accomplishments (Text Box –100 words or fewer)
    • Impact of SoTL Research (Text Box – 500 words or fewer)

    Describe research methodologies, teaching and assessment innovations,

    impact(s) on student learning, dissemination of results, and plans for further action.

    Supporting Materials: Items 1 and 2 must be uploaded as pdf[1][2] files:

    • Current Curriculum Vitae (Required)

    Scholarship of Teaching and Learning grants and research highlighted, briefly annotated in the CV (may be included). Applicants who have won the SoTL award in previous years should not highlight entries from the previous award period(s).

    • Appendices (Required)

    Evidence of SoTL accomplishments, include book covers and tables of contents, first two pages of articles or other publications, executive summaries of grants, or other appropriate materials.  Applicants may upload multiple pdf documents.

    [1] Maximum file size is 40 mb.

    [2] Each file name should not be larger than 40 characters. Spaces, numbers, and special characters are included in this limit.

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  5. Evaluation and Award Process

    The award winners shall be determined by a university-level committee consisting of one (1) tenured and annually elected in-unit employee member from each of the colleges. The elected in-unit employees, preferably and to the extent possible, should have demonstrated accomplishments in the area of scholarship of teaching and learning. All committee members shall be voting members for the purposes of these awards. In-unit employees who plan to apply for the award are not eligible to serve on this committee. The director of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning shall serve as an ex-officio member, and shall convene the first meeting of the committee. The committee chair shall be elected at the first scheduled meeting.

    The committee chair shall electronically transmit recommendations along with the ranked list to Dr. Theodorea Berry, the vice provost for Teaching and Learning and dean of the College of Undergraduate Studies to review the recommendations of the committee. The vice provost for Teaching and Learning and dean of the College of Undergraduate Studies will review and decide to support or deny the recommendations. The vice provost for Faculty Excellence shall review the recommendations of the vice provost for Teaching and Learning and dean of the College of Undergraduate Studies and present recommendations to the provost for review and final approval.

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  6. Notification of Award Winners

    The provost shall give the final approval for award recipients. Faculty Excellence shall notify all nominees of the results.

    Winners may be invited to submit a SoTL-focused article for publication in the Faculty Center’s Faculty Focus.

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