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Award Info

Applications Open
October 27, 2022
Applications Close
December 1, 2022
Notification Date
February 22, 2023
Award Contact
  1. Program Overview

    The In-Unit Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award recognizes outstanding undergraduate-level teaching. College-level awards are distributed proportionally according to the number of eligible faculty in each college. The college awardees will also be considered for one additional University Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.

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  2. Funding

    Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award recipients shall receive a $2,000 one-time payment. The university-level Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award recipient shall receive an additional $2,000 one-time payment. Award amounts are treated as income and are subject to normal withholding tax.

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  3. Eligibility

    • Employees must be assigned to teach at least two undergraduate courses in the current academic year and to have taught at least six undergraduate courses over the preceding three academic years.
    • Employees who have received an Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching award in the past three academic years in the category for which they are applying are not eligible for this award.
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  4. Criteria

    The criteria for evaluating applicants’ files shall include three major categories:

    1. Innovations to improve undergraduate teaching;
    2. Undergraduate teaching accomplishments/honors;
    3. Evidence of impact on undergraduate teaching.
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  5. Application Materials

    The following sections are required to be presented as a single PDF (no portfolios please) and submitted to your College Dean’s Office:


    1. Statement of teaching impact and innovations on undergraduate teaching and learning (500 words maximum, 12-point font)
    2. Curriculum vitae highlighting undergraduate teaching accomplishments and honors
    3. List of all courses taught in the previous three years by term, with undergraduate courses highlighted
    4. Table listing enrollment and grade distribution for each class taught in the previous three years
    5. Student perception of instruction reports (if student evaluation comments are used, all comments from a selected course must be included rather than selected excerpts)
    6. Examples of teaching strategies and materials used to challenge students to achieve excellence and expand their intellectual horizons



    • Technology statement for teaching philosophy
    • List and/or samples of recent presentations and creative activities, publications, and research related to the teaching enterprise
    • Evidence of ability to provide effective instruction in a variety of teaching circumstances including with students of diverse backgrounds and abilities
    • Letters from undergraduate students (please include date and indicate for each letter whether it was or was not solicited); letters must not be solicited from current students
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  6. Evaluation and Award Process

    College Evaluation and Award Process

    The dean of each college will charge a faculty committee to evaluate all applications and to select the individual(s) to receive the college Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching award.

    University Evaluation and Award Process

    A committee with representation from each college with in-unit faculty will select one individual from among the college-level awardees to receive the University Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.

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