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Award Info

Applications Open
October 30, 2020
Applications Close
January 4, 2021
Notification Date
February 17, 2021
Award Contact
  1. Program Overview

    One award is available through this program for the College of Medicine.

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  2. Funding

    The recipient shall receive a one-time payment of $2,000. Award amounts are treated as income and are subject to normal withholding tax.

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  3. Eligibility

    Each candidate:

    • Must be a full-time employee with at least three years of continuous non-visiting, non-OPS service at UCF immediately prior to the current year.
    • Must have an assignment of at least 0.10 FTE in research over each of the three immediately preceding years and the current year at UCF.
    • Must not have received an Excellence in Research — COM award in the past three academic years.
      • In considering previous winners of the Excellence in Research award, only materials developed since the last award will be considered in the evaluation for the current year’s award.


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  4. Criteria

    The criteria for evaluating applicants’ files shall include three major categories:

    1. Cumulative value and impact of research efforts at UCF within the discipline and to society;
    2. Recognition of research impact by the individual’s peers in the same or in related disciplines;
    3. Publication/dissemination and presentation of research results.
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  5. Application Materials

    Applications must be submitted as a single PDF file (no portfolios please) to, with the following sections in this order:

    1. Curriculum Vitae
    2. Statement of Research Activities
      • To include the following:
      • Primary area of research (100 words or less)
      • Value and impact of research efforts at UCF (not to exceed 500 words)
        • Give a concise description of the value and impact of research efforts at UCF with the discipline and to society, discussing, for example, new discoveries, major contributions, creativeness, originality, significant breakthroughs, etc. with a focus on the past three years.
    3. Research outlets (no more than half a page)
      • Briefly describe how the major research publications, or other means of research dissemination exceed the norm in the candidate’s field. List these publications or major products for dissemination.
    4. Research recognition (no more than half a page)
      • Briefly list major awards or other evidence of recognition, including major research funding.
    5. Supporting materials.
      • Candidates may attach or include up to a maximum of three examples of their work in the previous three years. These examples should be selected to provide evidence of quality as opposed to quantity.
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  6. Evaluation and Award Process

    The dean will charge a faculty committee to evaluate the documentation submitted by the nominees and select the person to receive the College of Medicine Excellence in Research award. Faculty members who are under consideration may not serve on the selection committee in any capacity. If, in the judgment of the faculty committee, no award or nominee is merited, none need be made.

    All nominees will be notified of their selection status by the college.

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