UCF Faculty Recruitment Program

2019‐20 Hiring Cycle
(Faculty starting in fall 2020)


The UCF Faculty Recruitment Program supports three priorities at UCF:

  1. inclusive excellence in our tenure track/tenured (TT/T) faculty,
  2. becoming the desired university of choice for academic partners (meaning spouse, significant other, or domestic partner), and
  3. being flexible and nimble in order to recruit world-class faculty.


The UCF Faculty Recruitment Program can be used in three types of hiring situations. These three situations we know the candidates’ name, making it a nontraditional faculty search.

Additionally, if the faculty are in any current/open searches at UCF (i.e., they are in the applicant pool for an existing search), they cannot be considered.

  • The process outlined here should be used regardless of funding source (Academic Affairs (AA), college, department, school, center, or institute).
  • The UCF Faculty Recruitment Program is managed by Faculty Excellence.
  • If the selected candidate for any hire selected through this program or its initiatives leaves UCF, then the line and funding return to AA for redistribution.
  • Because funding is limited, it is important that departments not confirm an offer of these positions until a written notification indicating final approval for hire is received from Faculty Excellence.

Position Lines Available

For 2019-20 (i.e., candidates will begin employment in 2020-21), the following lines have been allocated:

  • inclusive excellence
  • partner allocated opportunities
    • both tenured/tenure track
    • non-tenure earning will be considered on a case-by-case basis (specifically all ranks of instructors and lecturers as well as multi-year non-tenure earning assistant/associate/professors)

Application of UCF Faculty Recruitment Program Process Outside Academic Affairs Funding

Colleges can choose to use this process to hire a partner or an inclusive excellence candidate even if they do not receive funding from Academic Affairs.

For example, a college may have an inclusive excellence candidate and have internal funds for which to support it, but a position line appropriate for their candidate is not open in their college. The college can request the candidate to apply through the inclusive excellence position and fund the candidate internally. The process for the partner program can be applied similarly.

Information on recruitment programs can be accessed below:

UCF is focused on reaching six National Academy Members (specifically the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, National Academy of Medicine). As such, all funds for preeminent scholars are directed toward this effort.

Please contact Dr. Jana L. Jasinski directly to work together on recruiting National Academy Members.