Scroll & Quill Society

During Spring 2016, Faculty Excellence relaunched a streamlined and contemporary UCF Scroll & Quill Society. This society is based on two prestigious faculty clubs established in the 1980s to honor faculty members who brought recognition to the university through: (a) The Quill, to recognize authored books and (b) The Scroll, to recognize significant and sustained peer reviewed publications in national and international journals.

Contemporary Purpose

Building on the foundation of UCF’s original Quill and Scroll societies this recognition program was redesigned to continue to honor the Legacy Members of the original societies while extending recognition for contemporary UCF faculty scholarly achievements across all disciplines. In line with the UCF Collective Impact Strategic Plan, the specific focus of this society is on recognizing faculty members who have demonstrated sustained scholarly contributions (over a period of at least 10 years at UCF), and have brought positive national and/or international attention to the institution through this scholarly work.

Eligibility & Application Guidelines

Applicants apply for induction into the Scroll & Quill Society on the basis of scholarly work in 1 or 2 of the following categories, which has brought national and/or international attention to the institution: (a) Peer Reviewed Publications and/or Patents, (b) External Funding to Conduct Research and/or Creative Activities, and/or (c) Creative Activities. A committee consisting of current Scroll & Quill members appointed by Faculty Excellence will review submitted applications and make recommendations to the Vice Provost for Faculty Excellence. 2019 committee members: Andre Gesquiere, Alla Kourova and Alice Noblin.

Application for New Members

The 2019-20 application period is now closed.

Legacy Members of The Quill and/or The Scroll

If you were inducted as a member of The Quill and/or The Scroll in the 1980s or 1990s, please contact Faculty Excellence (407-823-1113 or to provide us with pertinent information to ensure you are recognized in the directory as a Legacy Member.

Member Directories


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