Provost Chair/Associate Dean-in-Residence Program


The Provost Chair/Associate Dean-in-Residence Program is designed to further develop academic leaders at the university level for very critical academic leadership roles, UCF’s Department Chairs and Directors and Associate Deans. The goal of the program is to further enhance leadership development of Department Chairs and Directors and Associate Deans, while simultaneously enhancing UCF’s culture and capacities. The Office of the Provost invites nominations and applications for a one-year position (academic year, with an optional summer assignment) as a Provost Chair/Associate Dean-in-Residence, beginning in the fall 2017 semester with the option of summer 2018. It is anticipated that one Provost Chair/Associate Dean-in-Residence will be selected.

Professional Development

This program recognizes that Chairs/Directors and Associate Deans bring substantial experience with them as academic leaders and a solid working knowledge of UCF operations. The selected Provost Chair/Associate Dean-in-Residence will continue to increase their familiarity with and understanding of university-wide academic initiatives, strategic planning, budget issues, and challenges in higher education by participating in mentoring and other learning experiences and collaborating with colleagues in the Office of the Provost and in other academic and administrative offices across campus. In addition, the Provost Chair/Associate Dean-in-Residence will work with the Provost Faculty Fellows on strategic initiatives, designed in conjunction with the interests and longer-range career goals of the Fellows and Provost Chair/Associate Dean-in-Residence.

The Provost Chair/Associate Dean-in-Residence will have the opportunity to:

  • enhance their leadership and administrative skills as a contributing team member in Academic Affairs
  • be coached/mentored by the Provost and other senior leaders
  • shadow the Provost and other senior leaders
  • attend selected meetings within the Office of Academic Affairs
  • undertake a jointly agreed upon project, alongside the Provost Faculty Fellows and under the supervision of a senior administrator in Academic Affairs
  • have space in Academic Affairs to experience the daily workings of this unit


Chairs and Directors and Associate Deans at the rank of Professor that have a minimum of two years of experience as a Chair or Director (i.e., unit leader who directly supervises full-time faculty) or Associate Dean may apply. Preference is given to Chairs and Directors and Associate Deans who have attended 6 of the 8 Chairs and Directors Excellence Program sessions that have been offered to-date in 2016-2017 and/or to Chairs and Directors who have participated in the Chairs and Directors Leadership Circle.


Applications must include the following, as a single pdf document:

  • letter (no longer than two pages) describing the applicant’s interest in the Provost Chair/Associate Dean-in-Residence, how their background and experiences align and support the focus of the Provost Chair/Associate Dean-in-Residence program, and their goals for the Residence period and beyond including an area of interest for which the Provost Chair/Associate Dean-in-Residence would work together with the Provost Faculty Fellows.
  • current vita
  • endorsement letter from their Dean (note: this letter should also indicate assurance of allowance of up to two days per month during the period of the Provost Chair/Associate Dean-in-Residence)

Submission Deadline

The application period is now closed.

College/Department Support

It is expected that the selected faculty member will commit up to two days per month as Provost Chair/Associate Dean-in-Residence with the schedule customizable to some extent based on the selected faculty member.  Academic Affairs will provide $5,000 in professional development funds to provide additional external leadership development for the selected Provost Chair/Associate Dean-in-Residence.

Evaluation of Applications

Applicants will be evaluated based upon:

  • interest in university-wide affairs
  • overall record and potential for leadership
  • goals for the fellowship year, including areas of interest within Academic Affairs
  • excellent communication skills

The evaluation committee will consist of faculty members who have served as Provost Faculty Fellows during the previous two academic years, the Vice Provost for Faculty Excellence and UCF Global, and the Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Excellence. The evaluation committee serves in an advisory role to the Provost and Executive Vice President, who will make the final decision.


Questions about this program can be directed to Faculty Excellence (407-823-1113 or