Sick Leave Pool (Faculty and A&P)

A one-time, 16-hour contribution to the sick leave pool allows you and your UCF co-workers who are enrolled in the sick leave pool a chance to have up to 3 months of PAID leave when you need it most. Faculty and A&P personnel are eligible to join the Sick Leave Pool, which has open enrollment periods each March and September. Joining this Sick Leave Pool requires continuous employment with the university in a benefits-earning position for more than one year. In addition, applicants are required to have a balance of at least 64 hours of unused sick leave from which sixteen must be donated upon acceptance into the Sick Leave Pool. Part-time benefits-earning faculty and A&P employees must have a sick leave balance and donate sick leave hours to the pool in an amount that is proportionate to the full-time equivalency of their position.

It is a benefit to UCF employees to be able to access this sick leave pool; however, some people feel that they have a large bank of sick leave hours, and think that they are likely never going to be sick enough to use all of those hours, even if they are afflicted with a serious illness. So why else should someone volunteer sixteen of those many hours in order to join the UCF sick leave pool? The answer is simple—to offer your support to the UCF community. The Faculty and A&P sick leave pool has helped many of our co-workers through tremendously difficult times; unexpected surgeries, cancers, car accidents, chronic illnesses, and many more heartbreaking circumstances. The sick leave pool is a way to help people that you may see every day. When a member’s annual and sick leaves are exhausted, the sick leave pool can support up to three months of additional PAID leave.

Your one-time donation of sixteen hours is all that is necessary to join and become eligible for the same benefits. Together we can support one another!

How do I apply to join the sick leave pool? During open enrollment, please download and submit the Sick Leave Pool Open Enrollment Application to Human Resources. (form is below)

How can I verify that I am enrolled in the sick leave pool?

  •  If you are enrolled, your LAPER shows your sick leave pool enrollment. The form lists zeros in the column next to the sick leave pool row, which is normal. If you should ever be granted hours to use from the sick leave pool, the number of hours granted will appear in that column.
  • The payroll processor in the your department runs a biweekly departmental leave report. If you are enrolled, your report should indicate sick leave pool.
  • If you sign in to MyUCF (, you should see sick leave pool listed if you are enrolled. Navigate to:
    • employee self service
    • benefits
    • benefits summary

Sick Leave Pool (Faculty and A&P)


Please contact regarding how a Faculty/A&P Sick Leave Pool member may request hours.

Please contact Human Resources ( regarding Open Enrollment questions for the Faculty/A&P and USPS Sick Leave Pools.