Professional Development Leave for Non-unit Faculty and A&P (PDL)

Professional development leaves are intended to increase an employee’s value to the University through opportunities for research, writing, professional renewal, further education, or other experiences of professional value. It is a program intended to mirror the sabbatical leaves that are available to tenured faculty.

Each year, the university makes a number of professional development leaves available for eligible, non-tenured or non-tenure-earning non-unit faculty and A&P.  The criteria are described in UCF Regulation 3.014. To be considered for a PDL, an employee must apply to this annual program, and eligibility is determined by years of continuous service at UCF. Non-unit faculty and A&P employees may apply for an upcoming PDL in their fifth year, or the fifth year after they have returned from a previous PDL. For instance, an employee hired in 2020 would be eligible for a PDL in 2026-2027, and would therefore apply in late 2025.

Professional development leaves are taken at either full pay for one (1) semester or term or at three-fourths pay for one (1) academic year and are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the regulation. The employee may request either option as it fits with their proposal.

What is involved in the application process? The two page application should contain an appropriate outline of the project or work to be accomplished during the PDL. The committee members that review applications will be considering the proposal’s merits, and the benefits of that proposed program to the employee, university, college/unit.

Employees must do two things after they return from a PDL. First, they must submit a brief written report to their dean or director that outlines their accomplishments during the PDL.  This information is expected to be used for the employee’s annual evaluation. In addition, employees who are awarded PDLs must return to the university for one academic year following the conclusion of their leave. Failure to return to the university will result in the employee repaying the salary, retirement, benefits, equipment, and expenses paid for or to benefit that employee during the PDL.

Not interested in applying this year, but still want to contribute? Employees eligible for non-unit PDLs may serve on the PDL committee. The non-unit PDL reviews the proposals and ranks the applications. Please contact Faculty Excellence if you are interested in serving on this year’s non-unit PDL committee.


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