FE 2018 Summer Faculty Development Conference Track

Advancing the Development of Associate Professors

This Faculty Excellence track is designed to help associate professors prepare for promotion. Through a series of workshops and other guided activities during the week of May 7-10, participants will, among other benefits, gain clearer understandings of promotion criteria, create concrete plans for re-igniting or advancing a research program, and develop strategies (e.g., around balancing nature of work) for implementing this plan.

Participants will attend required track sessions and have the opportunity to attend a limited number of the conference’s concurrent sessions. The track will be organized around a sequence of workshops and other hands-on activities leading to two major deliverables:

  1. an interpretation of relevant promotion criteria and profile of a successful professor in their field (e.g., a professor outside UCF who exemplifies qualities of leadership and is nationally internationally recognized for research) and;
  2. a five-year research advancement plan that includes assignment and career-life balancing strategies to support productivity.


Because all participants will develop these deliverables, track applicants need not propose a specific project.


Activities will include a good deal of hands-on work and feature (among other things) interactive sessions involving the Office of Research and Commercialization, TeachLivE simulations and scenario-based criteria discussions. Participants will move through this general progression:

  1. developing a more concrete picture of what a successful promotion candidate looks like in their unit and/or field (vis-à-vis relevant promotion criteria and the strategic plan);
  2. completing a self-inventory and gap analysis, and then developing goals for preparing for promotion;
  3. developing concrete plans for re-igniting or advancing a research program, and;
  4. considering strategies for negotiating and sustaining needed support and career-life balance.

Participants will also take part in some larger summer conference activities including the keynote presentation, other concurrent sessions of interest, and the showcase.

Additional longer-term benefits include an enhanced ability to contribute to any revisions to their units’ P&T criteria, and an enhanced ability to mentor others around interpreting criteria and planning ways to achieve them.

Eligibility and Application

All UCF associate professors, including research and clinical associate professors, who have not yet applied for promotion (i.e., did not apply for promotion during 2017-18) are eligible to apply.

Application period has closed.

Applicants will be notified with a decision on their application via email on or before March 9. We will be accepting up to eight associate professors.


Please contact Faculty Excellence at 407-823-1113 or facultyexcellence@ucf.edu.