Leadership Series

Faculty Excellence recognizes that faculty members take on formal and informal leadership roles that are beneficial to the colleges, departments, university and the greater community. The Faculty Excellence Leadership Series introduces faculty to relevant topics that may be useful as they consider developing or enhancing their leadership skills. After completing the sessions, participants are encouraged to continue to develop their leadership skills by applying to the Academic Leadership Academy during the 2018-2019 year.

Target Audience: Tenure and non-tenure earning faculty

What are the program’s goals for participants?

  • Consider expanded understanding of leadership models and role, and develop a fuller range of leadership skills
  • Develop peer and leadership mentoring relationships across the university
  • Help faculty connect leadership goals to the university’s and discipline’s values.
  • Contribute to the university’s priority of enhancing support for Mid-Career faculty


Topics covered during the Fall & Spring semesters in the leadership series include the following:

Please visit the Leadership Series calendar for dates/times/locations. Note: Attending all of the sessions is not required. Faculty members may attend as many as they choose (e.g., one to all) based on their professional development goals.

Where else should participants search for faculty development opportunities that complement the Faculty Excellence Leadership Program experience?

Our campus is rich in workshops, training, book clubs, conferences, discussions and numerous other resources. It is important that you regularly check the websites and calendars of some of the major faculty resources available to you, including:


Questions can be directed to Faculty Excellence at facultyexcellence@ucf.edu or 407-823-1113.