Chairs and Directors Excellence Program

The Chairs and Directors Excellence Program (CDEP) will meet monthly for 1.5 hours immediately preceding the Chairs and Directors Council. Generally, these meetings will be the fourth Monday of each month beginning at 3 p.m. Outlook invites will be sent to Department Chairs and School/Center Directors (i.e., unit leaders who directly supervise full-time faculty) with all requisite details. These meetings will be open in attendance to only Department Chairs and School/Center Directors so as to create a ‘safe space’ for conversation.

Please note that dates/times/locations for the closed meetings are not publicized online.

Please contact Faculty Excellence if you are a Department Chair/School/Center Director and are not receiving the Outlook invitations.

All Department Chairs and School/Center Directors are invited to participate in the CDEP, and there is no application process. The agenda for the Chairs Council, which will meet immediately following the CDEP, will continue to be driven by its members.

Topics covered in the CDEP could include:

  • Defining the role of the department chair at UCF
  • Regulations/policies/procedures/CBA, paid parental leave, sabbatical, modified instructional duties
  • Strengthening faculty
  • Performance evaluations and reviews
  • Budgeting and managing facilities and space
  • Responding, investigating, and handling allegations (harassment, cheating) and handling individuals of concern
  • Data tools and metrics
  • Work/life balance, department climate, building inclusive and supportive environment for all faculty and staff
  • Strategic planning
  • Role conflict and conflict management
  • Investing time in your own development