Instructor/Lecturer Excellence Program

The Instructor/Lecturer Excellence Program (ILEP), for both new and seasoned instructor/lecturers, is geared to support teaching faculty and provide them with campus contacts to be successful in their position.

Overall goals of the Program:

This program is primarily intended for new instructor/lecturers (I/L) to introduce them to UCF resources for faculty and students, with the overarching goal of developing teaching faculty across the university. All instructors and lecturers are invited to participate, and there is no application process. The program also is open to existing teaching faculty to learn about university resources and initiatives and make new connections campus wide.

Additionally, this program will provide a platform for teaching faculty from different colleges and departments to meet and facilitate cross-disciplinary interaction during the program and beyond.

Structure of the Program:

Program Calendar

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  • Monthly one-hour meetings concentrated on topics to aid faculty in their professional development and improve their teaching and interaction with students.
  • Meetings will be offered during two days and times (one Wednesday and one Thursday option) to address availability issues for faculty and their schedules.
  • We are working on the possibility for remote recording and/or participation for faculty who can not attend sessions in person. Additionally, materials and presentation copies will be made available after the sessions for participants’ records or for those who can not attend.
  • Fall semester sessions will concentrate on information for faculty to begin the semester successfully and to provide information and resources about student needs on campus. The spring semester sessions will focus more on professional development for the faculty themselves.
  • Faculty who attend 7 of the 9 sessions will receive a certificate from Faculty Excellence documenting their participation to include in their professional dossier, and will have their participation documented in PeopleSoft.

Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is being conducted on the Instructor/Lecturer Excellence Program, and there will be data that I/Ls will be asked to provide. Results will be used for formative purposes, to make changes over the course of the year, and for summative purposes, to make program revisions for future years. Results obtained will not be used to evaluate the I/Ls and will only be aggregated across the university (not by individual programs, departments, colleges, or schools). The aggregate results will be shared with appropriate offices on campus (e.g., Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning or Office of Research and Commercialization) allowing them to consider offering additional resources or professional development opportunities.

Note: The program also will highlight key sessions offered by the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) throughout the year that can be substituted if a participant can not attend an Instructor/Lecturer Excellence Program meeting.

Please contact Faculty Excellence (Dr. Christa Diercksen) at 407-823-1113.

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Other professional development opportunities are offered throughout the year. Click on the calendars below for more details.